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Work Wear: Apron


  • Price includes FREE text personalisation (1 colour printing)
  • Poly/cotton
  • Sliding adjustable buckle
  • Adjustable neck tie
  • Pick a stock design from an extra £3
  • Embroidered logos are available upon request for an extra £25 – please send us your logo design to ensure it can be embroidered nicely

999 in stock

SKU: sku6 Category: Where To Buy Valium In Canada


  • Price includes FREE text personalisation (1 colour printing)
  • Poly/cotton
  • Sliding adjustable buckle
  • Adjustable neck tie
  • Pick a stock design from an extra £3
  • Embroidered logos are available upon request for an extra £25 – please send us your logo design to ensure it can be embroidered nicely.

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