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Personalised Cheeky Blue Monkey Mug


  • Personalised with any name or wording of your choice
  • A single white ceramic standard mug
  • Height 92mm, Diameter 80mm, Weight 10g
  • The unique monkey design has been created for our mugs by a local artist
  • We will print the design & name you select on both sides of the mu
Where To Buy Valium In Canada
SKU: sku14 Category: Valium Cheapest


  • Personalised with any name or wording of your choice
  • A single white ceramic standard mug
  • Height 92mm, Diameter 80mm, Weight 10g
  • The unique monkey design has been created for our mugs by a local artist
  • We will print the design & name you select on both sides of the mug

Additional information

Weight 0.154 kg



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